Best Phone Holder for iPhone 12

July 7, 2021

iPhone 12 Phone Holder

Whilst most of the cars on our fleet have Apple CarPlay as standard, not all vehicles have this functionality. Cup Holders are great to wedge your mobile phone into, but if you’re trying to follow Apple Maps or Google Maps it isn’t safe and may not be legal.

Magsafe Phone Holders

We’ve recently been sent a Belkin Magsafe phone holder to try and we’re impressed! It simply fits into your airvents and then uses the magsafe in the back of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro to attach the phone to the holder.

No awkward clamps and no suction cups!

What is Magsafe?

Magsafe is magnetic technology from Apple. Built into the phone’s internals of the iPhone 12, it provides a ring of magnets to provide a sticking point for accessories such as caes, wallets and of course phone holders for your car.

It also allows you to use it’s new range of wireless chargers, with the charging disc easily sticking to the back of your phone.

Benefits to the Belkin Magsafe Car Phone Holder

Here are the main benefits to the Belkin Magsafe Phone Holder:

  • One-hand operation, place the phone on the holder and it sticks, no messing around with awkward clamps.
  • Use in portrait or landscape mode, ideal for Sat Nav Apps
  • Compatible with MagSafe cases, so you can use this holder in its case.
  • Can be used on all sizes of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
  • Uses airvent as mounting point, no suction marks on the windscreen.

Can I use this in my Tesla Model 3?

No, as the Tesla Model 3 does not have any airvents, the Belkin MagSafe phone holder is not suitable for this vehicle.

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