BMW | Back in Stock on Short-Term

October 29, 2020

BMW Short-Term Cars

With most vehicles being in short supply due to Covid-19, we’re pleased to inform our customers that we’ve now got a growing number of BMW’s back in stock on Short-Term.

The below vehicles are cars that have arrived this week and this will grow week-by-week. Vehicles are in stock and ready to be delivered, some are available on Minimum Qualifying Period Short-Term Contracts but all of them are available on our Flexi-rent and Car Subscription Services.

Our website will be updated next week to reflect the new stock and pricing, in the meantime, if you would like a price. Please click me to jump to our get-in-touch section.

BMW Short-Term Cars

BMW 3 Series Touring

First in the list of recent deliveries is the BMW 3 Series Tourer, this is an exceptional car and the improvements over the previous shape are enormous. At the moment we’ve got the 320i M Sports available, these are currently on Special Offer.

More Details: BMW 3 Series Tourer

BMW i3 Hatchback

With the Government pushing the move to fully Electric Vehicles (BEV), its a so nice to have the BMW i3 appearing on our short-term availability list. We’ve got the 135kW S 42kWh available in extremely limited numbers. Due to the short supply and the high demand for Electric vehicles, we will not be advertising the price of these online.

BMW X1 Estate

This crossover version of the 1 series has been a popular car during lockdown, with many of our suppliers getting their hands on them on fixed and flexible short-term car leases. At the moment on 70 plate, we’ve got the sDrive 18i M Sport, but this range will be increasing over the next few weeks.

More Details: BMW X1 Estate

BMW X3 Estate

These sold out extremely quickly in June to August, so if you would like one, please do get in touch. We’ve got the 20d xDrive M Sport available, we’ve also got the BMW X3 available with a plus pack for a little bit extra a month.

Find out more: BMW X3 Estate

BMW X5 Estate

One of our best sellers on our Car Subscription and Flexible Car Contracts. The BMW X5 is a popular choice, especially for those customers who want an SUV for the winter and something different for the summer. We’ve got a large range coming through, but for now we’ve got some 30d xDrive M Sports with Plus and Tech packs. We’ve also got some specified with 22″ Alloys or Panoramic Roofs for a little extra per month.

Find out more: BMW X5 Estate

BMW X6 Estate

This refreshed Coupe SUV is sister to the BMW X5, the looks of the rear are sleeker and sportier with BMW refreshed taillight look, the car really does look amazing. We’ve currently got these as xDrive 30d M Sport or in Petrol with the xDrive 40i M Sport.

Find out more: BMW X6 Estate

Other Short-Term Cars

On top of BMW’s, we’ve got so many new additions to our short-term fleet including vehicles from Audi, Mercedes, Land-Rover, Porsche, Lamborghini, SEAT and Volkswagen.

And just touching back onto VW, we’re very excited with the addition of the Volkswagen Golf Mk.8 – You can read more on the highlighted link.

More Information

If you would like any more information on any of our short-term car lease vehicles, including BMW. Please get in touch with the team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

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