Can I put black and silver number plates on my car?

February 2, 2021

Since our recent article on 7 ways to avoid a fine for your number plates, we’ve had a couple of questions regarding the use of Silver & Black number plates.

So we thought we’d try and clearly lay the rules out.

Black & Silver Number Plates

The DVLA changed the rules on displaying black and silver number plates on your car in 2015. They now allow a rolling 40 years to be classed as historic.

So as it stands, we’re in 2021, so if your car was registered before 1981, you’re now legally allowed to display black and silver plates on your historic car.

Register Your Car

Before going to Halfords and getting a set of number plates made up, you do need to do a bit of work.

You do need to register your vehicle as historic, this can be easily done on the DVLA website by clicking the highlighted link.

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