Can I still drive during lockdown?

November 6, 2020

With the second lockdown kicking into place as of today in England, we’ve been asked by a couple of our customers if they are still able to drive their cars.

The lockdown, starting today, should only be enforce for 1 month, ending on the 2nd December. The rules are slightly different to the first lockdown.

Can I still drive my car?

Drivers are still able to use their cars, however, the Government has provided a list of approved reasons:

  • Travelling to work (If there is no capacity to work from home)
  • Shopping for Essentials
  • Driving to outdoor spaces to exercise
  • Taking your Children to School or Childcare
  • Attending medical appointments
  • Assisting with vunerable or elderly people

Other important rules

  • Motorists should only carry passengers from their own household
  • Drivers should not just “go out for a drive” unless its for one of the reasons above.

Can I still get my car serviced?

Yes, although car showrooms must close under the new lockdown rules, service areas and MOT centres can remain open.

It has been confirmed by the DVSA that people who require MOT tests during November must get them booked in and tested. No extension to the MOT’s are being granted during this lockdown.

Can I still buy fuel?

Yes, petrol stattions and filling stations have been classed by the Government as an essential business, thereofre they will remain open.

Can I still charge my Electric Car?

Yes, all electric charging points in public places will remain open, unless they are part of a shopping complex that has had to close as it sells non-essentials.

Tesla Superchargers will remain open at all destinations.

Can I get my car washed?

No, the government has confirmed that car washes must close. However, if you go to a filling station and they have a car wash facility connected, you are able to use these.

Will I be able to take a short-term car lease?

Cocoon Vehicles will remain open as per our Covid-19 update. Our flexi-rental and Car Subscription services are operating as usual and cars in-stock can still be delivered.

Those who are looking at fixed contracts on 6-12 month short-term car leases, may experience a delay if a supplying dealership has suspended deliveries, however, this will be worst case scenario.

More Information.

If you would like any further information on the rules and regulations, please do use the ONLINE FORM below and a member of our team will come back to you.

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