Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 2.9 V6 4 PDK 5dr Auto


Panamera Sport Turismo

2.9 V6 4 PDK

Monthly Car Subscription

From £2995.00 + VAT per month. Flexible Car Subscription with 180 days minimum qualifying period to get the advertised rate. This car includes 833 miles per month.

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Specification Includes:







26.6 mpg

241 g/km


Technical Details

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Joining Fees

Nope, not with us! We don’t charge any joining fees unlike other Car Subscription providers in the UK and our customer service is top-notch and we answer our phones and emails.

180 days Minimum Term

No long minimum terms to get the best price on this Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. You just need to take it for minimum qualifying period and you only pay for the time in the car.


Provide your own fully comprehensive insurance or use your company fleet policy and avoid the hiked up costs of other car subscription service providers in the UK.

Free Delivery

If you can’t collect you new car from our fleet centre, no problem. We offer Free Delivery in England and Wales* (Scotland Optional). Collection is chargeable, just contact the team for details on the process of returning your car.

No Awkward Swaps

Unlike other car providers, we don’t swap your car every 2-4 months. In fact you can keep this Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo for up to 12 months! So no hassle of swapping in insurance or belongings.

1 Month Car Subscription

Need a car for less than 90 days? We can help, just contact the team for the best rates on 1 month plus cars. Most vehicles available in-stock for super quick turnaround and delivery to your door.

Agreement Details

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 2.9 V6 4 PDK 5dr Auto [GPC] price is based on a monthly period (minimum qualifying period required, see below) and can be off-hired by giving at least 5 working days notice (subject to availability and BLACKOUT PERIODS) by completing an online VEHICLE RETURN REQUEST FORM. Vehicle will be off hired when its been returned to the specified de-fleet centre or has been collected by ourselves (collection cost can be quoted at the time of return request). Unlike other flexible car subscription providers, you will only pay for the time in the vehicle, unless otherwise agreed. If you are replacing your vehicle with another car, then collection of your old car is FREE OF CHARGE. When the vehicle has been returned, the vehicle will be subjected to a more in-depth inspection, this can take up to 30 days (sometimes longer during certain times of the year), if the defleet information comes through sooner from our suppliers then this will be actioned. Information about our RETURN STANDARDS can be found on the highlighted link.

Advertised rental is based on 1 x Rental taken upfront plus a documentation fee, refundable deposit (Subject to Status), subsequent payments will be taken by Direct Debit 1 month after the date of delivery, unless otherwise agreed. This is subject to passing a satisfactory credit assessment. Terms may differ if you do not meet the criteria of the credit assessment. All of the lower prices are based on a minimum qualifying period of days, should the rental duration be less than days we reserve the right to charge at least 1.5 times the payment as per our terms and conditions and delivery, if applicable, will be chargeable. A minimum of 1 month will be chargeable in all circumstances. Price advertised includes a discount for paying by Direct Debit of £100.00 plus VAT per calendar month.

We have a great range of SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE ON OUR FLEXIBLE CAR CONTRACTS. We also specialise in Premium and High-End Car Subscriptions, speak to a member of the team for further information.

Short Term Flexible Car Subscriptions from this supplier are usually new, pre-registered or previously hired. Occasionally advertise vehicles that have been previously hired, these may not be noted on the vehicle details, a member of the team can provide the current mileage and condition of the car. VRM and/or photos of the actual vehicle will not be supplied until we have a valid credit line in place due to security. Full maintenance is included if specified (Maintenance expires when the vehicle reaches 3 years old or sooner, please see special conditions in the maintenance tab), Tyre Provision is included if specified (except accidental damage, punctures, etc.), Manufacturer’s 24hr Breakdown Assistance is included with the vehicle (please refer to the manufacturers website for more information and cover lengths). Manufacturers Warranty and Road Tax is also included with this contract.

We have a wide range of vehicles on our flexible subscription models and where possible, we try and update our VEHICLES COMING SOON section. Just click on the highlighted link for further information.


Prices advertised are based on taking the vehicle on a day minimum qualifying period (unless otherwise advertised), rentals shorter than this period will be subject to a surcharge of at least 1.5 times the rental and if applicable, the delivery charge will be payable. A minimum of 1-month will be payable in all circumstances and delivery costs may be levied. Price advertised also includes a discount for paying by Direct Debit.

You will only pay for the time in the vehicle and any rental credits will be calculated at the End of Contract stage, where applicable. For more information on any of our short-term cars, please call us for details on or email . FREE OF CHARGE DELIVERY IN ENGLAND & WALES is subject to taking the vehicle for days or more, Scotland delivery is chargeable.

Available for Business and Personal Users, For Personal Users please add the VAT at prevailing rate. If the VAT rate changes during the contract, a revised rental will be applicable. Business Users will receive a monthly VAT invoice, consolidated invoicing for more than 10 cars is available on request.

The prices are based on monthly mileage allowances, but we can supply prices based from 500 miles per month up to miles per month. Higher mileages can be quoted, for a definitive price please call the team on or email us at: .

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of an alteration to the rate of VAT during the contracted period, the new rate will be charged.


If the vehicle has app functionality, some or all of the features may be unavailable due to the nature of the service offered. For more information on Using Apple CarPlay, please click on the highlighted link.


You will only receive 1 key with the vehicle, a Digital Key may not be accessible if this forms part of the vehicles specification.


You will not have permission to take your vehicle abroad without written notification from the vehicle supplier. Before taking your vehicle abroad you will require a VE103B On-Hire Certificate, this shows that the vehicle is on-hire to yourself and you have permission to take the car abroad. You will also require to provide proof of fully comprehensive insurance whilst abroad and European Breakdown Assistance. You will not be able to take the car out of the UK for any longer than 30 days and all VE103B’s are accepted on a case-by-case basis. More information about VE103B‘s can be found on the highlighted links.


These vehicles have been checked against a vehicle database and they are showing as being ULEZ COMPLIANT VEHICLES, for more information please click on the highlighted link.


Fully comprehensive insurance must be provided by the hirer. Fleet policies are accepted so long as the vehicle is registered on the AskMid Insurance Database and showing as insured. When purchasing insurance for your flexible car contract or car subscription, we recommend taking a 12 month car insurance policy, as these can work out cheaper than using a specialist short-term insurance provider. Make sure that you tell the insurance company that YOU ARE NOT the registered keeper or legal owner of the vehicle and that this is a owned by a leasing company. We have partnered with QuoteZone to help you compare quotes for your CAR SUBSCRIPTION INSURANCE, click the highlighted link to get a quote. Other companies that may help you in providing insurance cover include; Admiral, Bell Insurance, Einsure, Swiftcover and Tesco Insurance. Please visit their websites for more information. Quidco Cashback is a great place to look at comparing insurance quotations.


We offer a range of specialist services to those customers who just don’t fall into the usual remit that would qualify them for a traditional personal or business car lease, here is a breakdown of the services we offer:


We’ve been helping expatriates coming to the UK for work or leisure since 2007, our experienced team can help you step-by-step in getting access to one of our short-term solutions with the need for a UK credit score. Please see our EXPAT section dedicated to overseas clients.



Obtaining credit lines for a new start-up business in the UK can prove difficult with no or negative accounts filed with companies house. Our team can work with you to set-up a credit line to get you and your workforce mobile. We can also help with companies with overseas Directors and/or Parent Companies and those who have been refused finance after taking a bounceback loan during Covid.



If you don’t meet the standard criteria for a traditional car lease, we offer non-status car leasing using our flexible contracts and vehicle subscriptions. Our experienced underwriters can carry out checks based on affordability and stability, credit checks will be carried out. If you are a business that falls into the Non-status leasing category, we will look at various factors of the set-up, this includes any parent companies (including overseas parent companies), the Directors and any connected businesses.



We need to know as soon as possible if you do fall into one of the categories above as this could delay your application. But we may be able to help most clients!
Terms may differ if you are an ExPat or you are a new business start-up looking for a vehicle, but we could offer a solution! We look at every application on a case-by-case basis. All applicants will go through a credit check due to Anti-money Laundering and FCA compliance (Where Applicable) but our underwriters will base your application on an affordability and stability check, using key indicators and thresholds to work out a terms and a credit limit based on your personal circumstances. A documentation fee of at least will be payable for all expat, new-business and non-status car leases. Additional documents may be required from our underwriters and terms offered are non-negotiable. Acceptance is not guaranteed. FCA regulated funder (where applicable).

All rentals are subject to credit scoring, alternative terms, refundable deposits and/or guarantees maybe required.

Due to the fast moving nature of our business, we reserve the right to amend or withdraw offers at any time. We try and update the website on a weekly basis. Offers are subject to availability and are applicable to business users and companies only, for Personal Contracts please add the VAT; certain categories of business user may be excluded. All finance and hiring facilities subject to status; guarantees and indemnities may be required. All Vehicles Supplied by Cocoon Vehicles Ltd. Vehicle image shown for illustration purposes only. Written quotations on request.

*- Next Day Delivery subject is only available where a credit line of facility is already in place and the vehicle is available in stock and we have available delivery slots. E&OE

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most asked questions when it comes to Car Subscriptions, if you want to read more click here (FAQ):

The minimum term for this Panamera Sport Turismo car subscription is 180 days.

We don’t ask you to sign into 6 or 12 months to get the best price, its always displayed! We just ask you to sign into a 180 days and the contract continues so long as you keep paying your subscription charges and you haven’t completed a returns form.

  • Monthly Rentals of: £3594.00 inc. VAT
  • Documentation Fee: £594.00 inc. VAT
  • Refundable Deposit: £Subject to Status*
  • Monthly Mileage Allowance: 833 miles
  • Excess Mileage Allowance: £ per mile + VAT
  • Maintenance/Servicing: Included
  • 24hr Breakdown Assistance: Included
  • Road Tax: Included
  • Subject to Status

It would be more beneficial for you to shop and compare the market for your own fully comprehensive insurance.

You can also use a fleet policy if this is a business vehicle.

Just make sure that the insurance provider is aware that you are not the registered keep or legal owner of the vehicle.

Its really simple, just complete an online RETURNS REQUEST form and give us at least 1 Month’s notice.

We will then provide the details on where the vehicle needs to be returned to.

Alternatively, we can provide a quotation to collect the car.

You only pay for the time in the vehicle, so if you have already paid recently, this will be reconciled as part of the end of contract process.

Find the car of your choice on our website and follow the instructions, drop us a line or contact the team. If the vehicle is from the same supplier the swapover will be seemless.

If you have placed your order online and have not been a customer of Flexigo Cars before, then a link will come through for you to apply online.

The application form will take you no longer than 5 minutes.

Once we have received this, our underwriting team will do verification and credit checks. This is to comply with anti money laundering and the FCA.

Once everything has been agreed, we will then capture your payment and send out the order forms followed by the rental agreements.

All of this is done by E-Signature for ease.

If you don’t pass these checks then we will not be able to proceed with your car subscription and the authorised money on your card will be released.

Depending on your credit status, alternative terms may be offered. This could include a higher refundable deposit, higher initial rental or a guarantee.

All of our cars have a strict return standard that does not have to comply with the BVRLA fair, wear and tear, as this is a short-term product.

However, we do adhere to the BVRLA’s code of conduct.

We supply access to our return standards via the highlighted link, its within out contracts and we post this out to you once the vehicle has been delivered.

Please do not confuse fair, wear and tear with actual Damage resulting from impact, accidents or negligence.

The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo includes 180 miles per calendar month.

This is a huge bonus over other firms, but not so good if you only do a few miles a year.

There is no benefit on the residual value of the vehicle for 5,000 to 12,000 miles per year. Therefore, we might as well give you the mileage benefit.

You can add additional mileage on to the vehicle in 500 mile blocks.

Delivery of your vehicle is free of charge in England and Wales when the car is taken for the minimum qualifying period which is 180 days on this vehicle subscription.

You are never fixed into a contract, however,  should you return your vehicle before the minimum qualifying period of 90 days, the higher rental charge (usually 1.5 times) is payable along with the delivery of your vehicle.

If you live in Scotland, delivery is chargeable from our fleet centre to your company or home address.

This Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 2.9 V6 4 PDK 5dr Auto car has a Co2 Emissions level of 241 g/km and a list price/P11d value of £78100. These figures should be used for guidance only when calculating Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax as a company car or as part of a Salary Sacrifice Scheme. The P11d and Co2 figures provided is from a 3rd party database and may differ from the actual vehicle provided.

From £2995.00 +VAT p/m

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