Don’t touch your phone whilst driving

February 5, 2021

New laws for drivers and phone use

This year, a near-total ban will come into force for drivers in the UK.

The government has finished consulting and is aiming to cover current legal loopholes in the system, which means people could have used their smartphones for certain things whilst they were driving.

It is currently illegal in the UK to send text messages or make phone calls whilst at the wheel. But handheld phone usage is technically allowed for other functions.

The Government is going over the results of the consultation with its aim to outlaw drivers touching their smartphones. This is to crack down on people taking photographs, playing games or picking a new music playlist.

No timeline has been given by the Department for Transport, but it has been suggested that it could be early 2021.

Current Rules

If you break the current laws you could land yourself six penalty points and a £200 fine, many drivers have avoided this due to the loopholes as not all phone use is classed as “interactive communication.”

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