Electric Vehicles for your Fleet

October 5, 2021

The future is Electric

The world of fleet management is a confusing one when it comes to electric vehicles. There are those who have made the decision that petrol and diesel powered cars should be phased out, but there’s also plenty people with questions on how soon after all this ‘noise’ with regards as when these new technologies will pan out for them in their company or organisation?

Best Time to Introduce EV’s

The “Best Time To Introduce EVs” debate has been going around recently- what do we think about incorporating them into fleet without delay if possible? Should electric vehicle adoptions begin now or later as some fleet managers suggested and when do you think would be the right time?

Questions Fleet Managers Should Consider?

  • When is the best time to introduce pure electric vehicles?
  • How much do electric vehicles cost to purchase/lease, charge and maintain?
  • Is the UK charging infrastructure ready to support our EV fleet?

So let’s dig into the basics:

Purchasing and Leasing Costs

Despite higher pruchasing/leasing costs, electric vehicles over time will be much cheaper to operate vs. ICE vehicles. Charging costs less adding traditional petrol or diesel and maintenance costs will be much lower on an Electric Vehicle.

There are various incentives to purchasing a pure electric vehicles, from the Government grants to tax breaks. Company car drivers will also be pleased to know that Benefit in Kind tax is much friendlier when it comes to EV’s.

Various manufacturers want their Electric Cars to be seen on the road, so keep an eye out for any extra special lease deals to incentivise you picking that particular brand.


Pure electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance. Pure Electric vehicles do not need many consumables such as lubricants, oils or other fluids, so apart from some washer fluid your fleet will have less time off the road.

Most pure electric vehicles also use brake regeneration, which harvests power from when you decelerate. In turn, this produces less wear on your brake pads and discs.

Range and Charging

Range Anxiety is real, and here at the Cocoon Vehicles office is it something that we have all experienced. But the range of most cars is increasing with vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 Long Range offering over 300 miles on a single charge.

Electric vehicles have had a huge boost since the fuel shortage, with a charger at your workplace and a charger on home, electric cars on your fleet are ready to go, with a full charge without delay. Those that do mega miles, may find that they require additional homework for their journey with time slots for charging (and queuing as EV ownership increases).

With over 16,500 public and semi-public charge points available as of today (4th October 2021), and mor eon their way with supermarkets and shopping centres increasing charging capacity.

Cut your fleet emissions

Pure electric vehicles produce very low emissions and it is known that you reduce the carbon emission output by 40% switching to an EV. Switching completely to an electric vehicle saves up to 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

By introducing EV’s options into your fleet, supports your company’s message and responsibility in cutting emissions which can have a huge affect on your employees, customers and suppliers.

Switch to EV’s today

If you haven’t already considered pure electric vehicles for your fleet, then may be today is a good time. By utilising the short-term car leases and flexible car lease options that Cocoon Vehicles offers, you can see how these vehicles fit into your existing fleet.

You could pinpoint particular drivers or employers to drive Electric Vehicles and ask them for regular feedback on how they fit into their day-to-day role. This will give you the data required to see who and when you can make the complete switch to an all-electric fleet.

Not quite ready for EV’s?

Then it might be a good idea to consider the inbetweeners. The Plugin Hybrids (PHEV’s) and the HEV’s (Hybrid Electric Vehicles). They are a good solution for those who do not want to completely commit to pure electric, either because of range anxiety, costs or charging infrastructure in their area or routes.

More Information

If you would like any further information on our flexible short-term car programs or our short-term fixed car leases, please contact us on 01332 290173 or complete the ENQUIRY FORM below.

We can also offer help, advice and quotes on long-term leases and purchasing of electric cars, utilising our relationship with manufacturers and funders. We offer a find a car lease service to facilitate this, or you can use one of our account managers for more information.

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