French Breathalyser Laws

October 18, 2022

Driving in France

In 2012, this blog piece was based on the French introducing a law that you must carry at least 2 breathalysers. This included both drivers and motorcyclists.

In 2020, the rule changed that it meant that it was no longer a legal requirement.

If you are driving to France, we would higly recommend checking their local laws on driving before you depart on your journey, as this can change.

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Original Story

All drivers who go to France must now carry a breathalyser must have the NF (Norme Francaise) quality seal of approval and be marked with France’s 0.5 per cent limit.

Under a new law, enforced from the 1st July 2012 will encur an €11 fine with you fail to comply with the new legislation.

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