Happy 15th Birthday

February 21, 2022

On the 19th February 2007, Cocoon Vehicles was incorporated. Our goal, as ex-dealership staff, was to provide a service that was honest, transparent and upfront from the beginning.

In the beginning…

Starting as a contract & hire and leasing broker, we eventually turned to car subscriptions and short-term car leasing, with a little help from what seems like a distant memory: The Credit Crunch!

With help with a huge credit line from Lombard we went and purchased 5x Audi A3 Sportbacks and offered them out on flexible car leases.

As new suppliers came on board our fleet quickly grew and each time we made an office move, we had anticipated how much space we would need.


With the retirements of both Myron Nykolyszyn and Paul Stone in recent years, the share of the business was purchased by Rebecca Adams after successfully selling her financial services business.

The business wouldn’t be where it is today without Myron and Paul with processes and huge customers and suppliers coming along for the journey.

Cocoon Today…

Run by husband and wife Rhys & Rebecca Adams, the Cocoon ethos is and always will be honesty, transparency and customer service. With a fantastic range of cars, even with the chip shortage, the team can cover all angles when it comes to leasing a car or a van.

Services Offered…

Whilst short-term car leasing and flexible car leases are our core business, we help many customers with vehicles for salary sacrifice, long-term car leases and the move to an all-electric fleet.

We’re extremely lucky to work with businesses all over the UK in particular Derby, Swansea, London, Birmingham and Cardiff, and with some big names on board including Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Airbus and Samsung we can’t forget all of our consumer customers and small to medium-sized businesses who have chosen the Cocoon way.

Thank you…

We’d like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends and family for all their help and support over the years and look forward with speaking to you all soon.

Rhys, Rebecca and the Team

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