How much does it cost to lease a car for a month?

October 6, 2022

We’re proud that since 2007, we have been offering flexible long-term car rental to both business and personal customers. It suits a wide range of customers whether you need it for a stop-gap when waiting for a new car order or you need it for a new member of staff on a probation period.

Our solutions can work out cheaper than using a traditional car hire company, especially if you are taking it longer than 90 days. But even over a month, one of our car subscriptions or flexible car leases might just fit the bill.

How much does it cost?

We offer a great range of “in-stock” flexible car leases and subscriptions which can be taken for 1 month, whilst many of our deals require you to take the vehicle for 90 days plus, our costs are usually 1.5 times the advertised rates.

They are especially beneficial if you are a business or corporate company where you would supply a fleet policy to a car hire company.

With a credit line in place, companies can call the team and have a vehicle delivered within 1-3 working days with a generous mileage allowance and from one of the major vehicle manufacturers.

Another benefit over other companies is you will always pay a minimum of 1 month and should you take it longer, your final bill will be pro-rated to reflect the time spent in the vehicle.

Whilst prices vary from month to month, please see a few examples below of our latest vehicles available.

Is it cost-effective?

Whilst many of the larger car hire forms offer a “guaranteed model” or “prestige vehicle” option, there are usually additional premiums. With ourselves, the model we quote is the model you will receive.

No group of cars, no substitutions, actual model. This is why many customers prefer to use Cocoon Vehicles for their short-term vehicle needs and why we retain so many of our customers.

Cost-effectiveness is the key and we can work out much cheaper than using a traditional car rental firm over the same period of 1-month, even when you take into account documentation fees and movement fees.

Convenience is the key in the car hire industry and as many of our customers are aware, we don’t operate branches up and down the UK, with the majority of our vehicles being based in Leeds and Derby, but we can delivery all over England, Wales and Scotland, subject to the offer and contract, we can deliver in England and Wales for free.

We also offer an optional Airport Meet & Greet service, for workers and expats coming in from overseas, let the team know at the point of enquiry.

Can I use a Fleet Policy?

If you are a business or corporate who operates a fleet insurance policy, then yes this can be accepted. All we ask is that you send confirmation that the VRM is on your insurance and that the vehicle shows on the MID Database.

Do you offer Corporate Accounts?

Yes, we offer a corporate account and depending on your fleet size, a dedicated account manager. If you have 5 or more cars we can also offer consolidated invoices for your rental payments, so you can easily track the expenses of your cars.

More Information

If you would like any further information on any of our 1-month car leases or flexible solutions, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or use the GET IN TOUCH form below.

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