Is Short-Term Car Leasing more cost-effective than traditional leasing and car ownership?

February 15, 2023

Short-Term Leasing

We’ve been discussing recently that short-term car leasing enquiries and uptake has overtaken our car subscription offers, but does it offer a more cost-effective approach over traditional car leases or car ownership?

9-Reasons why short-term leases may provie more cost-effective.

1. Cost-Effective

Let’s start with the word cost-effective, generally a short-term car lease has lower upfront costs than a traditional car lease or even purchasing a vehicle, you can easily add maintenance packages, although you probably won’t keep the car long enough to get to the first service.

2. Flexibility

As the majority of our contract lengths are between 6 and 12-months, it gives you the flexibility to change your car more often. This is great if your personal needs change or your vehicle preferences alter. Need more flexibility, then check out car-subscriptions.

3. No Depreciation Worries

As with a short-term car lease or a long-term car lease, the amount of money your cars value drops isn’t your problem. If you were to purchase a vehicle, you need to factor this in.

4. Reduced Risk

By choosing a short-term car lease, you can reduce the financial risks associated with long-term commitments or vehicle ownership. And don’t forget about market fluctuations. If you opt for a 12-month car lease, the longest period of time you need to worry about is 1 year.

5. Improved Cash Flow

As we’ve already mentioned, the amount of money required upfront on a short-term car lease tends to be less than a traditional car lease or purchasing a vehicle. This can improve cash flow situations for both business owners or individuals.

6. Access to hundreds of vehicles

By opting for a short term car lease, you’re gaining access to our extensive fleet of vehicles. Add in vehicle subscriptions and you’ve got so much choice available. So whether you need to support the daily school run or the CEO of your company, we should have a vehicle to suit everybody’s needs.

7. Maintenance

As the majority of our vehicles are brand new and include the manufacturers warranty, not only are you reducing the risk of a breakdown but you may not even have to service the vehicle before you need to swap it. Opt for the optional maintenance packages and you gain access to real fixed cost motoring.

8. Convenience

Short-term leasing opens up a world of convenience to whoever opts to take one our our vehicles. It is a fantastic way to drive a new car without the hassle of purchasing a vehicle. No going from dealer to dealer, no haggling and a brand new, short-term car.

9. Increased Mobility

Eliminate the hassle and expenses of tradtional car ownership. Short-term car leases allow business owners or individuals with increased mobility and the freedom to travel. Add one to your fleet today!

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