Keep up with the I-Pace with a 12 month car lease

February 18, 2021

Jaguar I-Pace Short Term Lease

If you’re looking at making the move to an all electric vehicle, then before you commit completely, why not trial one on a 12 month car lease.

We’ve got some cracking offers on the Jaguar I-Pace which are open to both Personal and Business applications. So if its to try and take advantage of the 1% Benefit in Kind tax from April 6th or to help with the transition of fossil fueled cars to fully electric, we’re here to assist.

Performance and Range

The Jaguar I-Pace features a four wheel drive system with two electric motors, these combined produe 395bhp and a 0-62mph of 4.5 seconds. The torque of this and most electric cars is immense.

Range wise the vehicle has an official WLTP cycle of 292 miles on a single charge, we managed 220 miles on a very cold day in February 2021 with heating on. But still an amazing achievement and suitable for most commutes.

Ride Comfort and Interior

The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth, especially with the many potholes on the roads at the moment.

The Jaguar I-Pace has lots of on-board technology including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, which is our preferred method of navigation over built-in satellite navigation systems.

Jaguar I-Pace Interior

The drive is more or less silent thanks to the electric motors and it has less wind and road noise than a Tesla Model 3.

Driving position isn’t high, despite the look of the vehicle but even for a 6ft man, their is plenty of room and still gives good leg room for the rear passengers.


The I-Pace feels well built, just as all of the models do from the Jaguar Land Rover line-up. Buttons feel solid and despite there being numerous screens, they don’t show up the fingerprints as much as other touchscreens in vehicles.

The doors all close with that perfect, almost “German” feel which makes this feel and sound like a quality car.

Boot Space

There isn’t a massive boot in this I-Pace and the model that we personally tested had a huge spare wheel that required storing externally. The Audi E-Tron, Mercedes EQC and the Tesla Model S all have a larger boot area than this vehicle, just something to bear in mind.


We’re really impressed by the Jaguar I-Pace and we’ve had numerous customers report positive feedback. Range isn’t an issue when fully charged although the charging network isn’t as god as Tesla’s.

12 Month Car Lease Offer

We’ve currently got the Jaguar I-Pace on a 12-month car lease, with an option of the standard HSE or a few extras including black exterior pack and a panoramic roof. Prices start from £849 plus VAT on a 3+ profile (£995 + VAT on a 1+ Profile).

Be quick as stock is limited to 19 units and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Find out more: Jaguar I-Pace Offer

More Information

If you’d like more information on the Jaguar I-Pace deal or if you fancy a flexible car subscription on one of these, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or complete the Enquiry Form.

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