RIP Ken Block

January 11, 2023

Photo Credit: EKSRX – Ken Block

Ken Block 1967 to 2023

Anyone who loves cars and motorsport will know who Ken Block is. It is with sad hearts that Ken Block died on the 2nd January 2023 in a snowmobile accident in Utah.

As huge fans in the Cocoon Vehicles office, we have dedicated this blog piece to Ken Block and we’ve chosen our favourite top 3 videos for you to watch.

Ken Blocks 1st Gymkana

11 years ago and many of us Ken Block fans were glued to YouTube to watch this amazing Gymkana of Ken Block taking his Subaru Impreza around an airfield.

Transfixed with how he could be so light and buttery on the steering yet, externally the car was as agressive looking and very fast.

The control and precision Ken had, shows us that he was uber confident in his car and the results are this amazing video.

Ken Blocks Drifts London

Top Gear got some stick for this video, but it could not be excluded from the best 3 video line up.

Ken Block takes Matt LeBlanc for a ride around London, Ken Block style.

Who needs to visit London when you can see the sights in this 10 minute video.

Ken Block Hoons the Ford Mustand Mach-E

With electric being the drivetrain of choice for car manufacturers, Ken Block proved that electric car driving was anything but dull.

Ford let Ken loose in their 1,400 bhp Ford Mustang Mach-E and boy is it fantastic to watch.

What is your favourite video?

There are so many videos to choose from, with the Ford Fiesta Gymkana 3 coming in extremely close to entering the top 3 videos.

But what are your favourite videos from Ken Block? Drop us a line using the form below.

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