Short and Sweet Guide to using Cocoon Vehicles Subscription Service

July 18, 2023

Whilst Car Subscriptions is the new buzz word in the industry, we’ve been offering short-term flexible solutions to our customers since 2007, with brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo and lots more in-between. Whilst many of the new brands are focusing on online activities, our website is our shop front and our experienced team is your relationship manager with some to talk to and familiar names as you deal with us over time. Let’s dig a bit deeper…

In the beginning…

The whole point of setting Cocoon Vehicles up in 2007, was to provide a service that was completely different to a dealership. No pushy sales techniques, honest and upfront advice from day one and the best cars and solutions for personal customers and business owners.

Today the company is family-owned and the ethics are the same. We want to provide the best honest customer service in the hope that you will stay with us based on the service provided.

Yes, we know we’re not the cheapest, but we’re still here. Whilst other car subscription providers have disappeared or have to raise extra cash for survival, our rates are based on the long-term goal of providing the customer with a service here to stay.

For further information about the beginnings of Cocoon, please read our ABOUT US page.

Why we’re different…

Many of the other car subscription providers focus on online services and apps, we’ve heard horror stories from customers where they cannot speak to anyone or know one calls them back. We are different, we will pick up the phone, we will call you back and we always try and do what we believe is in the customers best interests.

The Team…

Our team is small and focused with people who are dedicated to a particular part of the business, yet everyone can help in all areas if required as we believe that everyone should have knowledge of all the roles within the business, whether your an administrator or a Director.

The Directors of the business are hands-on and will help where required, ensuring that customers receive the right information from day one. We will never try and put you in something that isn’t suitable or a contract that doesn’t suit your needs.

This can make our process look scary and our cars advertisied have lots of text, but we’d rather give you all of the correct information from day one with no nasty surprises.

Customer Support…

With such a small team, we can provide the very best in customer service. Whilst we run automated phone systems, it is always a human that you will interact with.

We have had customers with us from Day 1 and their is a reason we have their valued loyalty. Our Google reviews are excellent with many of them writing the testimonials after the service has been completed.

Premium Vehicles…

We always have a great range of cars (and vans) available on our flexible car subscriptions. We are slightly different from other providers as our cars are from premium brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen, but we do offer more affordable solutions where we can with options from Kia, SEAT, Nissan and MG.

We also have an ever expanding electric car range which can be taken on a flexcible basis to trial them within your business or your daily commute. The service is here so you can easily swap and change your car to suit your mood or season, if required.

Business Services…

We’re proud that we have an amazing bank of business customers who use our car subscription services for their employees. With dedicated account managers, bulk discounts and consolidated invoices (10 plus cars), we’re here to help expand or reduce your fleet size with ease and to fit around you.

Setting up and account is super easy and once all of the initial contracts have been signed and set-up, to order future cars requires just a phone call or an email. Our service is really simple to deal with.

We can even help your overseas employees coming to work in the UK with our Expat car service.

Delivery and Swaps…

Our cars can be delivered anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. Free delivery is available in England and Wales on qualifying contracts. Handover is super easy with many of our agents now paperless and a quick run down of controls is available if required.

If you change your car for another, swapovers are free of charge (England & Wales) and if you don’t need a new car you can return the car to the specified de-fleet centre or we can collect for a charge.

Find out more…

If you need any further information on our Car Subscription service, please call the team on or use the ENQUIRY FORM at the base of this article.

There are so many circumstances where you may need that flexible vehicle, just call the team on 0330 330 9425 to see how we can help you!

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