Short-Term Car Leasing Made Simple

February 17, 2021

Car Leasing Made Simple

At Cocoon Vehicles, we have access to over 1,000 different vehicles on our short-term car lease programs, we we can offer you a fantastic choice of car along with a contract that fits around you and/or your business.

Getting Started

If you’ve already spotted a vehicle you like on our website, then complete the enquiry form and a member of the team will reply back to you with further details, a written quotation and details on how to apply.

Apply Online

In order for you to secure a vehicle, you will need a credit line in place. The process is fairly straight forwards and the form takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Our experienced underwriters will get in touch to request ID for anti-money laundering purposes and compliance. They may also request further documents from yourself to support your application.

Once all of your information is in place, the underwriters will confirm the credit line and the terms.

Ordering your vehicle

Once we have your credit line in place, its time to decide on the vehicle. Its realy important to make sure that you have estimated your mileage correctly as we don’t want to bill you excess mileage at the end of the contract.

Once you have decided on the car, our fleet team will send out an order form and a request for the initial payment.

Depending what vehicle you have ordered, will dictate the time it takes to be delivered. Flexible cars tend to be in-stock so it will be a matter of days, fixed short-term car leases can take between 1-3 weeks.

Delivery or Collection of your vehicle

Depending on the short-term program you have chosen, our team will liase with yourself with regards to delivery or collection dates and times. Once this has been decided upon, the contract will be emailed to you for E-Sign.

Its important to read through these terms and conditions, especially the in-contract charges and the return conditions.

On the day of delivery/collection

On the day and if the vehicle is being delivered, our logistics team will be in touch in the morning to offer an ETA. They will also call you 1 hour before delivery. These times are not guaranteed and can depend on the traffic/weather conditions.

With both the delivery/collection, its really important to go around the vehicle and check the condition, even new cars could have a chip or a mark. Also make sure that you check the handbooks, locking wheel nut and spare wheel/tool kits. If the car is electric, make note of the cables the vehicle has come with.

Make sure you have got your driving licence to and for the handover agent to inspect and photograph, once you’ve signed for the car, its yours for the duration of the agreement.

During the contract

Our team are on-hand during business hours to answer any of your questions regarding the vehicle, maintenance or invoicing/billing.

We may be in touch to see how you’re getting on and may inform you of any parking infringements that you may have.

Towards the end of your contract (if a fixed short-term car lease) our team will touch base to discuss available options.

More Information

If you would like any further information on any of our short-term car lease programs, then please see our Q&A article on Short Term Car Leases or contact the team on 01332 290173 or complete the Enquiry Form below.

Long Term Car Leases

If you are interested in a long-term car lease between 2 and 4 years, then we also offer our Find a Car Lease service. We utilise no less than 12 different funders as well as the manufacturer backed funders to find you the best car lease deal. Click the link to give it a go!

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