Tesla Plug-in Performance Hack Crack Down

October 29, 2020

Tesla Fighting Back against Plug-in Hacks

For a few months now a company called Ingenext based in Canada, have been offering a unit that plugs into the Tesla’s MCU socket to enable a 50hp boost and a reduced 0-60mph acceleration time of 3.9 seconds.

How much does the Tesla Upgrade Cost?

Those who own/lease the Dual Motor version of the Tesla Model 3 can upgrade the performance of the vehicle in the Tesla App, the cost of this is £1,500. As above, this gives the car a performance boost and a 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds down from 4.4 seconds.

How much does the upgrade from Ingenext cost?

Ingenext in Canada are offering the upgrade for $1,433.00 CAD plus Tax, this works out at approx. £850.00 which is a huge saving against the Tesla upgrade, but is classed as a third party modification.

How are Tesla fighting back?

With recent software upgrades, a number of the Ingenext unit purchasers have been receiving an error on the screen stating an “Incompatible vehicle modification” it then warns “Potencial risf of damage or shutdown.”

The warning remains on screen like with other warnings that the vehicle makes you aware of.

Tesla’s vehicle software from 2020.32.1 patches this issue to look out for the unit and display the warning. Ingenext are apparently working on a patch for its units to overcome this warning.

Vehicle Hack’s

Over the years there have been many different hacks for various vehicles, especially on the diesel side of the car market. These include performance boxes that plug into the engine management and turbo systems to give you increased fuel economy and performance.

It is against the terms and conditions to use any of these boxes with our vehicles on our short-term car lease fleet, doing so may invalidate the vehicle warranty and effect the resale of the vehicle, for which you will be billed or are forced to purchase the vehicle.

This may also be the case with other funders who offer contract hire and leasing vehicles in the UK.

“At your own risk”

As with all third party devices, these are fitted to vehicles at your own risk, buying these devices does not guarantee continuity that they will work or will/will not cause damage to the vehicles.

Cocoon’s Opinion

We feel that the car shoukd be kept as it is, using these devices, especially ones that are not backed by the manufacturer, may cause unnesscesary wear on the components and permanent damage.

If you want to upgrade your Tesla, bite the bullet and use the in-app features. This also extends your warranty to include this boost.

Other in-App Upgrades

The Tesla’s infrastructure is quite unique in the motoring industry, its not usually been possible to purchase as car and then in 6 months time apply an upgrade to the vehicle.

But Tesla is setting the trend and depending on the model you own, you can upgrade a few different features on the car. These include heated rear seats, performance upgrades and the full self driving option.

Tesla Referral Programme.

If you’re in the market for a new Tesla, make sure you use a Tesla Referral Code, the highlighted link will take you to ours.

Using the code will get both parties a number of supercharging miles to use on Tesla’s network.

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