The Best Radio App’s for Apple CarPlay

June 28, 2021

Listen to the Radio via Apple CarPlay

Whilst DAB Radio is a huge improvement soundwise over the traditional FM stations, when you live in the country the fizz of the old loss of signal is replaced by something digital sounding until you get absolutely nothing, until signal is regained.

However, with more and more of our cars now including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, listening to the radio isn’t a chore, so long as your smartphone has a decent 3G, 4G or even 5G signal and with buffering, you might not miss those vital lyrics.

Best Radio Apple CarPlay Apps

So we’re going to have a quick look at some of the best apps to listen to your favourite radio station using Apple CarPlay.

BBC Sounds

The BBC is renowned for its streaming services, just take a look at BBC iPlayer for example. The BBC Sounds app is no exception, giving you all of the BBC services and podcasts at your finger tips.

Credit: BBC Sounds App

Not only can you listen to your favourite national or local BBC radio station, but you can also isten to a selection of music mixes or genres, directly from the app.

And of course this easy to use layout transitions its way across to Apple CarPlay

Download Here: BBC Sounds App for iOS

Realplayer App

The RealPlayer app is a great app for those who like to include the commercial radio stations, on top of this its grea that you can actually listen to a local readio station anywhere in the UK via this app.

Credit: RealPlayer App

You can easily search for your favourite radio stations and add them to your list, making it easy to switch between radio stations. If you’re not quite sure what you want to listen to put fancy a particular genre, this can be used via the Shows button.

And at the moment, Realplayer is one of the few ways you can listen to Chris Evans or Graham Norton on Virgin Radio, since their app has lost its Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Another bonus is that you don’t need a login to use this app!

Download Here: Download RealPlayer Apps

TuneIn Radio

This used to be one of our favourite apps, but the app has become very buggy and we had a lot of issues when using this app with our vehicle and our phone overheating.

Credit: TuneIn App

However, when it does work, radio stations are easy to find and save, although it does require a login to save your favourites. Buffering is good but we found the sound quality wasn’t the best, even when set at the highest setting.

We would definately stick with Realplayer or BBC Sounds.

Download Here: Download TuneIn Radio App for iOS

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