This year’s best Apple CarPlay Apps

March 2, 2021

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay has been announced as one of our most popular option requests for 2020 short-term car leases but what apps should you download and use?

We look at the top 3 apps to use with Apple CarPlay and your new car!

Top 3 Apple CarPlay Apps

3. Virgin Radio

Since Chris Evans and now Graham Norton have moved to Virgin Radio UK, DAB is a little hit and miss, especially if you live in the Peak District like us. Signal can be sketchy and Evans can fade in and out on the morning commute, but by installing and using the Virgin Radio app, you get a better experience.

2. Zoom

We’ve all had to hit Zoom over the last 12 months but now to app developer has extended its offerings to Apple CarPlay. You can easily get in touch with one of your Zoom contacts using the app. Just tap the icon, tell the system the contact you want to speak to and get connected. Limited meeting controls will appear on the screen.

1. Waze

Whilst Google Maps remains our Navigation App of choice to use with Apple CarPlay, we still love the way Waze works. The app relies on crowd-sourced data helping you with warnings about incidents and traffic jams, as well as speed traps.

Our only issue with the app, is that Waze does not show in the Dashboard area and can only be viewed full-screen. Hopefully, this will be rectified soon.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is built-in to your Apple iPhone and extends the screens and limited functions to your cars display, so you no longer have to pickup your handset to answer a call or send and receive text messages.

With each software update from Apple, CarPlay keeps getting better and better. More software developers are also thinking of additional ways to use Apple CarPlay within their app and the times are exciting.

More Information

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