Top 5 most requested cars that we don’t offer on Short-Term

February 9, 2021

Requested Vehicles we don’t offer on Short-Term

As part of our sharing, we have decided to share with our readers the top 5 most requested vehicles from 2020, that we don’t currently offer on our short-term car lease fleet.

Whilst we have had some strange requests, we have displayed the vehicles that have the most frequent requests.

So here goes:

Top 5 most requested cars that we don’t offer

5. Dacia Sandero

Apart from being one of the cheapest cars in the UK to purchase, this is one of our most requested small hatchback. However, terms offered by the manufacturer do not allow us to add these to our fleet currently.

4. Tesla Cybertruck


Elon teased us with the Cybertruck in 2019 and production was due to start in 2021, but it hasn’t stopped quite a few people asking when they can get their hands on one.

3. Toyota Mirai

Toyota has produced this amazing Hydrogen Fuel Cell car and whilst it is available to purchase or lease, as yet, we haven’t seen this appear on our short-term programs or car subscriptions, but you never know!

2. Land Rover Defender

Land ROver Defender in Tasman Blue
Credit: Land Rover

Our 2nd most popular car requested has been the Land Rover Defender, but we’re pleased to announce that these are now available. See our latest blog post called “Defenders of the Earth” for more info.

1. Tesla Model Y

Our most requested car on short-term is the Tesla Model Y, apart from it not being available to order as yet in the UK, but its also one that we personally want to get our hands on. Come on Elon, get Berlin Gigafactory open!

Unusual Requests

As well as a number of different car requests, we have also had the following, very unusual requests for short-term vehicles:


Whilst we know that Covid has really stretched our amazing emergency service personal, we didn’t expect it to stretch their fleet. We have had requests from a couple of NHS trusts on providing short-term ambulances. Whilst we haven’t been able to provide full liveried ambulances, we have supplied a number of VW Transporter Crew Vans to help out.

Left Hand Drive Vehicles

We have a number of expat customers on our customer base and have recently seen an influx of enquiries for left hand drive vehicles to be used on the UK roads. These requests have mainly come from EU citizens who want to settle in the UK, but want to be able to drive to their country to visit friends and family.

Forklift Trucks

Whilst one of the Directors does run a Forklift Training company in the UK, we have also been approached about the hiring of short-term forklift trucks in the local region, due to higher than usual demand for logistics. Whislt we haven’t been able to help directly, we have passed these details to someone who can help.

More Information

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