Top 7 requested options on our short-term car lease vehicles for 2020

January 28, 2021

2020 has been a very strange year due to Covid-19, but our team have worked really hard to ensure our cars are delivered to our customers and that the cars meet their requirements.

We thought we’d share with our readers the top 7 requested options on a short-term vehicle for 2020, and we have had a couple of strange ones.

Top 7 requested vehicle options:

  1. Apple CarPlay
  2. Inductive Charging for an Electric Car
  3. Lane Keep Assist
  4. Reversing Camera
  5. Tracker
  6. Remote Disabling
  7. Heated Front Seats
  8. DAB Digital Radio
  9. Heated Steering Wheel

Apple CarPlay

Apple have really done a good job of the interface when you connect your Apple iPhone to your car and with many manufacturers fitting Apple CarPlay as standard, it wipes out the need for a Sat Nav system built-in.

With lots of App’s available that are compatible with CarPlay (we’ll do an article soon on this), you won’t be without your favourite music, podcast or nav system.

Inductive Charging for Electric Cars

With many more of our short-term car lease customers taking out Electric Vehicles, we get a lot of questions on the charging side of this. We did a recent Q&A article on Electric Cars recently, but believe it or not, our a lot of our customers have asked if they can have an inductive charger fitted on their driveway or garage.

Whilst this may seem like a silly request, it is something that manufacturers are working on, in particular; Renault.

Lane Keep Assist

This is an option that many of the manufacturers are fitting as standard to their cars. We’ve had many of our Expat customers requesting this option, due to driving on the left-hand side of the road.

It’s a great system that warns you by making a noise or a vibration through the steering wheel, if it feels that you’re veering off.

Reversing Cameras

Another option that many of the car manufacturers are adding as standard is the reversing camera and these are getting very clever indeed.

Some of the reversing cameras such as the Nissan 360 system gives you an overhead view of the car and its surroundings, its really clear.


As more and more vehicles are including keyless entry systems as standard, insurance companies are requesting trackers to be fitted to many of the cars due to the increase in thefts.

Luckily, if you’re taking a short-term car from ourselves, we can fit these trackers before they go out. There is an upfront fee and a monthly subscription for most, but they are cost effective and have many benefits to them.

One of these benefits, which has also been requested is the ability to see where the customer’s partner is at any given time. Whilst we thought lockdown would have put an end to any misdemeanors, it looks like extra eyes are needed in some cases.

Remote Disabling

Similar to the above, but we have had a few customers who want to monitor their vehicles such as speed limiters, location and the ability to disabe to car.

This seems to be something that customers want so that they can control the car for younger drivers.

Heated Front Seats

Yes, winter is cold this time around and one of the most popular options in early 2020 and September onwards, was heated seats. With some of our clients actually asking if they can add rear heated seats as an option.

DAB Digital Radios

Its been a strange one as not many people actually requested DAB radios for a long time, but since the likes of Chris Evans moving from BBC Radio 2 to Virgin Radio, as well as Chris Moyles appearing back on Radio X, both of which are DAB Digital Radio stations, its been a popular request.

Many of the car manufacturers include these as standard, but there is still the odd car that doesn’t have one fitted.

Heated Steering Wheel

On top of the Heated Front Seats above, heated steering wheels is a must for quite a few drivers in 2020. It was unheard of 10 years ago, but we totally sympathise with all of those customers requesting one on their short-term vehicles.

What option would you ask for?

If you could pick an option on your next short-term car what would it be and why? Let us know and we’ll try and include this on a future article or at the bottom of this one.

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