Top 9 items you should keep in your car for winter

December 7, 2020

With the needles dropping below zero and parts of the UK already having a flurry of snow, we thought we cover some winter top tips.

We recently published our top tips for driving safely in winter, in this we covered items that you should keep in your car, but we’ve been busy tracking these items down with links, so that you can quickly add them to your basket and put them in your car.

Tow Rope

A towing rope is a good accessory to carry in your car should you need rescuing or you feel like a superhero and want to rescue another motorist. Believe us, these have come in very handy in the past.

Buy online: Towing Rope on Amazon

Emergency Triangle

Some of our short-term cars actually come with an emergency triangle, but if it doesn’t for a few quid you can get one for the boot of your car.

The highway code actually recommends placing the warning triangle 45 metres behind your vehicle, to warn other motorists.

Buy online: Emergency Triangle on Amazon


Whilst most mobile phones come with a torch nowadays, you really need to conserve the battery should you ge into an emergency situation.

In the dark, its really difficult to find breakdown numbers, water and/or de-icers, so keep a torch handy.

Buy online: Torches on Amazon

Hi-Visibility Clothing

Whilst hi-vis jackets aren’t on this years catwalk, they are a fantastic accessory to keep on board, should you have to pull over at the side of the road in poor visibility.

Buy a jacket or a wastecoat and be seen.

Buy online: Hi-vis clothing on Amazon

Spare Light Bulbs

Whilst not applicable to some of the modenr cars with LED headlights, it a good idea to keep spare lightbulbs in your car.

Buy online: Spare Bulb Kits on Amazon

Phone Chargers and Power Banks

Whist our recommendation would be to carry a spare mobile phone in your glovebox, such as the Nokia’s that seem to last weeks on a full charge.

We also recommend that you keep a phone charger or power bank in your car to make sure you that you can keep your phone topped up.

Buy online: Phone Chargers on Amazon / Power Banks on Amazon

Warm Clothing / Blankets

Keeping warm clothing and blankets in your car could prove very useful should you find yourself stranded or in a situation with little or no heat.

Boots is another good addition to your boot, especially those with good grip and thermal insides. They can be picked up for a very reasonable price.

Buy online: Warm Clothing/Blankets on Amazon


Whilst many people might think you may be up to no good carrying a shovel in the car boot, its come in very handy for some of the staff here at Cocoon, especially due to the countryside where we are based.

Using your warm boots from above and your shovel, should you need to dig your vehicle out of a situation, you’ll have the tools on hand to help.

Buy online: Shovels on Amazon

Other Accessories

The more prepared you are, the easier you will find the situation. We could have provided a lot more than 9 essentials to keep in the car but another good idea is to keep water and chocolate on-board.

Amazon do a great range of emergency kits to keep in your car, so please do use the links above to find out more.

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