Week 3: News Roundup

January 23, 2023

Motoring News from Week 3 of 2023

Please find below 3 of our favourite motoring news stories from Week 3 of 2023. Please Note. All of the links will be for external websites and we do not have any responsibility for the content.

External News Articles

Volkswagen ID Buzz wins What Car’s Car of the Year

VW ID Buzz

We love the retro design of Volkswagens ID Buzz and we are looking forwards to getting our hands on one. We have already spotted a couple on UK road. What Car has crowned the VW ID Buzz as their overall winner for 2023.

2 new Alpine SUV’s are on the cards


The current line-up of the Alpine brand has just one car, the A110 Sports Car. Auto Express has published an article on some in-coming SUV’s including the Apline GT X-Over. These will also be fully electric. We’re very excited in the Cocoon Vehicles office.

Recession Won’t be as bad as first feared.

Bank of England Governor

Car Dealer Magazine published an article with regards to the current Bank of England governor; Andrew Bailey saying that the UK recession won’t be as bad as first feared.

Cocoon Articles

Just in case you have missed any of our popular articles over the last fortnight, please see some of the latest posts from Cocoon:

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