What is a Thatcham Category Tracker?

October 29, 2020

Vehicle Trackers

With vehicle crime increasing over the last few months, more and more insurance companies are insisting on having trackers fitted. We’ve noticed this more-so on our short-term car lease fleet.

Thatcham Category’s Explained

As from the 1st January 2019, all Thatcham Reasearch security assessments are conducted under a new brand called “Thatcham Security Certifications”

They fall into 2 categories:

Thatcham Category S5

Thatcham Category S5 is the new classification for trackers that were previously known as Category 5.

Insurance companies may require a Category S5 tracker over a certain value or those vehicles tah tare deemed as high risk

Tracker units under this category offer the highest level of security features to ensure the security of your vehicle.

You will require a Driver Keyfob or Tag to use the vehicle, if this is not present in the vehicle the unit will automatically inform the tracker company.

Thatcham Category S7

Thatcham Category S7 is the new classification for trackers that were previously classed as Category 6 or Category 7.

The Category S7 trackers offers a range of features which include simple tracking, vehicle location and mileage reports. Third party companies may also offer additional services for additional protection.

Key Hacking and Cloning

Whilst many of the new features on new cars help with convienence and ease, many of the new systems has also made it easier to gain access and steal your vehicle.

This is particularly common with those vehicles with keyless systems, with thieves using signal repeaters to gain access to your vehicle with your keys located in your property.

Can you prevent key hacking?

Apart from having a lead lined safe in your bedroom, there are a number of ways to prevent key hacking:

  1. Use a key fob blocker – Buy on Amazon
  2. Make sure your software is fully up-to date on the car
  3. Use steering locks to put car thieves off
  4. Certain manufacturers offer a double locking system that disables keyless entry.
  5. Put a tracker sticker in the window, yes this works

More Information

If you would like more information about vehicle trackers for security or for monitoring your fleet, please complete the online form below.

Additional Reading

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