What is MG Pilot?

June 20, 2023

MG cars are becoming extremely popular on our vehicle subscription and short-term car lease services, the most asked question about this car is what is MG Pilot?

We list MG Pilot on those MG cars that include this feature, but it requires a breakdown of the features included to really show what this one item is. So we have put together this article to go into detail.

MG ZS Interior Shot

MG Pilot

MG Pilot is multiple safety and assistance technologies that all come under one umbrella. These features cover a wide range of different things to help your driving experience safe and easy. From alerting you of potencial hazards on the road to speed monitoring.

What are the features that make up MG Pilot?

10 features make up the safety aspects of MG Pilot. These are all in place to help keep you protected. Combining semi-autonomous sriving and safety systems, these include:

Active Braking Emergency

Active Emergency Braking (AEB) is technology that can detect obsticles or hazards such as pedestrian or bikes. As long as the car is travelling above 20km/h, automatic braking will reduce the severity of the accident. If the car is travelling below 20km/h, the car should avoid the collision completely.

Adaptive Cruse Control

Adaptive Cruise Control uses sensors to help detect the road in front of you, should it detect a slowing car in front of you, the system automatically lowers your speed depending on the situation. It can also bring you to a complete stop where required. Should the vehicle move out of the way, or you indicate to overtake, the system will automatically speed up to the set speed.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection (BSD) are sensors that run down the sides of the vehicle, they check for any vehicles that may appear in your blind spot that cannot be seen with your eyes. When it detects a vehicle, the car will display an icon to say that something is within the blind spot area.

Intelligent High Beam Control

High Beam Assist will automatically adapt your headlights to prevent them from glaring cars coming towards you. Once the vehicle has passed, the high beam will automatically re-activate. So long as the system is set in ‘Auto’ the high beam will switch between high and low-beam.

Intelligent Speed Limit Assist

Speed limit signs can come and go very quickly and we don’t always pick up that there may be a change of speed on particular roads or the smart motorways that we have to drive in the UK. Intelligent Speed Limit assist uses cameras to read the road signs and registers them in the system to show you on the screens displays. The speed limit symbol will flash onscreen should you be exceeding the speed limit to help prevent penalty points.

Lane Change Assist

Lane Change Assist (LCA) works in conjunction with the Blind Spot Detection. If you indicate or manoeuver to pull out to overtake and a vehicle is presence within the blindspot, the car will alert you to prevent any accidents.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) uses cameras on the vehicle to read the road markings ahead and check to make sure the driver isn’t drifting across any lanes. It sends a visual, audible and physical response to the driver to correct their position and get the car back into the lanes.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) goes one step further than the LDWS and will take precaution to correct the vehicles position back into the lines on the road. The system will take control of the steering to bring the car back between the lines.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) is a system that alerts the driver to any vehicle approaching them from either side when reversing. It alerts you to prevent any accidents or collisions.

Traffic Jam Assist

Who likes being in Traffic? No-one. But Traffic Jam Assist can help assist you by using technology to bring your vehicle to a stop and then accelerate again once the traffic starts moving.

MG HS in Red on road


Hopefully we have covered everything we can about MG Pilot in our latest article, we have provided an external link to MG’s website below for your reading.

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External Link: What is MG Pilot – MG Motors Website

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