£12.50 charge when driving into London when the ULEV zone is expanded.

October 29, 2020

Ultra Low Emission Zone Expansion

The Ultra Low Emision Zone (ULEV) is due to expand in October 2021, and it is reported that upto 350,000 motorists could be affected by this expansion.

The ULEV zone will increase its area and will cover roads and streets insude the North and South circular, approx. 18 times larger than the original Ultra Low Emission Zone.

The change will come into force on the 25th October 2021 and those petrol vehicles that do not meet the Euro 4 standards will have to pay the £12.50 charge, in addition to the Congestion Charge.

Diesel cars entering the zone that do not meet the Euro 6 standard will also have to pay the ULEV charge on top of the Congestion Charge.

According to sources at the AA, the expansion of the ULEV scheme could affect upto 350,000 London Motorists.

The ULEZ zone will be in operation 24 hours per day covering 7 days per week.


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