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Why do I need to take a car for a minimum of 28 days?

You can take one for less, but the minimum amount we charge is for 28 days, but don’t forget our best prices are those for 90 days or more.

My credit isn’t good, do I need a credit check?

In simple terms, yes. There are no car leasing firms out there in the UK who will not do some sort of credit assessment. Our underwriters can look at all circumstances and decide the best possible route forwards. If you let us know that you maybe “Non-Status” then we will look at affordability and stability over, your previous credit history.

Where are you based?

We have offices in Derby, London and Manchester and car storage facilities at Shrewsbury, Leeds, Derby, Chesterfield and Huddersfield. However, most of our day to day work takes place at our HQ in Derby.

Is my vehicle maintained?

The majority of our flexi-lease vehicles come with maintenance and tyres, although accidental damage is not included. Also things like scuffed alloys do not come under a fair, wear and tear item, its not our fault if you clip the kurb when parking!

Do you offer Fair, Wear and Tear?

Fair, wear and tear is a touchy subject, however all vehicles are assessed twice upon return, any damage is billed on as we get charged for it. Therefore it is transparent to the customer. We do lay our return conditions within our contracts.

What is the upfront payment?

The first period rental will be taken along with a Documentation Fee of £175.00 plus VAT at the time of the order. Should you cancel the vehicle before delivery an Agency Fee will be payable, this is due to the commitments we have to make with the vehicle supplier.

How do I pay?

Should you take the vehicle for longer than 28 days, we always take the first payment upfront, then any subsequent payments are collected by Direct Debit. Should you return the vehicle mid payment period, a credit will be calculated when your end of contract has been completed.

What happens when I return my car?

Firstly, you need to decide if you would like us to collect the car, or if you would like it to be collected (Charges apply). We then inspect your vehicle for any damage, a secondary inspection is carried out by the vehicle supplier or the manufacturer. We then compare the final charges and complete an end of contract.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Should your credit rating be ok, we will not take a deposit against the vehicle. However, Non-status customers may have different terms.

What if I get a parking or a speeding ticket?

We transfer liability (where possible) to yourself, we also charge an administration charge of £37.50 plus VAT to cover our administration costs, even if you appeal or disagree with the ticket. This is due to the amount of time it takes to process paperwork.

Why should I pay an Admin fee of £37.50?

As you can imagine, the car is on hire to you and therefore you are responsible for all fines whilst the car is in your possession. The cost is there as we have to pay our vehicle suppliers for their admin time, on top of that when transferring liability, it takes approx. 30 mins per ticket, 15 pages of paperwork and a trip to the post office to be sent “Signed for” – We do make a loss on some of these tickets.

What if I have a puncture?

Accidental damage is not covered under maintenance programs, please ensure that you get a like for like tyre fitted, otherwise our suppliers may charge for a brand new tyre.

Can we have an account?

If you are a business, corporate accounts are available. The benefit is that you have one contract in place and you can add or take off cars as and when you please. With an account, you can also take advantage of our next day delivery (stock vehicles only).

Do you do lease vehicles to Scotland?

At this moment in time and due to the complex Scottish laws, we are unable to offer vehicles to Scotland. This may change in the future.

Should you have any further questions, please speak to the team on 0330 330 9425 or email

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