3 months in and 7 things we love about the 2023 BMW X5

December 13, 2023


The 2023 BMW X5 has now been on our car subscription fleet for at least 3 months now, if not longer. The team love it, feedback from our customers is positive and our enquiries are very strong for this model. Here are the top 7 things we love about the BMW X5:

Credit: BMW UK

7. Diesel Engine

Yes, we all know Diesels are dirty and we do have plug-in hybrids (PHEV) on fleet but the Diesel engine is absolutely amazing. It’s quiet, at least internally, the pickup on acceleration is excellent and we’ve managed 50 mpg on some of our trips, with an average of 42mpg when mixed in with the commutes.

6. Software Upgrades

BMW has taken a leaf out Tesla’s book when it comes to providing over-the-air software upgrades that actually changes the car. The most recent upgrade aka. 8.5 (07/2023) has given us improvements in lane assist, changes to the infotainment and an easier to use climate control panel.

5. Massage Seats

All of the BMW X5’s we have on the subscription fleet have a high level of specification with many of the packs being added to most models. The car we’ve trialed has massage front seats, which sounds gimmicky at first but when you’ve been in the car for three hours, its a welcome button to press.

4. Seven Seats

The hybrid version doesn’t come as a 7-seat option, but we have had some of the Diesels with the 7-seat option. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend these seats full-time, they have come in very handy on some day trips with the family.

3. Apple CarPlay Integration

Most cars nowadays come with Satellite Navigation, but we’re huge fans of Apple CarPlay and BMW have taken it one step further by integrating it not only in the main centralised screen, but in the instrument panel and the head-up display. It does zap your battery though!

2. It looks amazing

None of us in the Cocoon Vehicles were huge fans of the original BMW X5, but from version-to-version, BMW has tweaked the shape into what it is today and it really does look smart on the road. The front grille really makes the car look massive from the front, but lower the suspension to Level 1 and it feels like a very large estate car.

1. Great in the snow!

With the recent snow, we weren’t sure how good the BMW X5 would be. We were super impressed on how it handled and although we didn’t go crazy and claim immunity because we’re in an all-wheel drive vehicle, the car drove amazingly up and down the hilly roads in Derbyshire. Very impressed.

What do you think?

What do you think of the current BMW X5? Is there any stand out features that we have missed? If so drop us a line in the Enquiry box below.

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