Auto Shenanigans

June 27, 2023

Since our latest post on our favourite motoring YouTube channels, we have had multiple messages about the Auto Shenanigans YouTube channel. So we thought it would be a good idea to have a quick run down of the channel and why we love it so much.

Who is Jon Jefferson?

Jon Jefferson “How the devil are you?” is the presenter of the Auto Shenanigan’s YouTube channel, with just under 100k subscribers his content delves into a few topics based on the UK road network, this includes:

  • Secrets of the Motorways
  • Forgotten Race Tracks
  • Britain’s Abandoned Roads
  • All The Motorway Service Stations
  • Road Trips, Races and Challenges


In his own words, he has created a channel  ‘to deliver the most pointless and random collection of automotive content’ and we love it.

Our Favourite Content

Auto Shenanigans really is a guilty pleasure in the ‘s office, but here is our top 3 videos and why:

Secrets of the Motorway – M60 – Crazy Motorway Junction

Even Manchester Evening News has picked up on this bizarre junction, with Jon trying to explain this crazy junction on the M60 motorway. Brilliant video and definitely up there with the best.

The Story of Rufford Mill Ford

Rufford Mill Ford is not only close to the Cocoon Vehicles office, but with team members spending their childhood standing my the water waiting to get soaked before getting shouted at by their grandparents, it brings back memories. Recently YouTubers have used this pece of road to generate some revenue but it’s gone too far. So it has now been closed, Jon explains why.

The 1st McDonalds Drive-Thru in the UK

We’re all guilty of using a McDonalds Drive-thru for quick and convenient food, without th need to exiting the car. Nowadays it has got even easier with their app, but which was the 1st McDonalds in the UK. Jon tells us in this Auto Shenanigans video.

Support the channel

Whilst many readers think that YouTube is lucrative, it really isn’t so in order to bring us more amazing content, Jon needs some donations from the people who watch his videos.

Please use the link below to “Buy Jon a Coffee” you can also use the Super Thanks button on his videos.

Please Note. We have not been asked to write this article on Auto Shenangians or are we receiving any incentives for sharing this channel. As a company, we like to support those who are in the same industry as ourselves.

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