BMW X5 | Petrol vs. Diesel vs. Hybrid

June 30, 2021


Since our popular BMW X3 article from a while ago, the BMW X5 has been growing in popularity (and stock levels) so we thought we’d write this article to help customers choose between Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid.

Petrol vs. Diesel vs. Hybrid

Let’s have a look at the tech specs of the BMW X5, we’re basing this on our current stock holding. We currently run BMW X5 30d, 40i and 45e M Sport 5dr Auto’s on our short-term fleet:

BMW X5 40i

  • Top Speed: 150mph
  • 0-62mph: 5.5 seconds
  • WLTP Combined MPG: 25.7-28.2
  • Engine Power: 340hp
  • Engine Torque: 450 Nm
  • Luggage Capacity: 650l

BMW X5 30d

  • Top Speed: 142mph
  • 0-62mph: 6.3 seconds
  • WLTP Combined MPG: 37.7-42.2
  • Engine Power: 286hp
  • Engine Torque: 620 Nm
  • Luggage Capacity: 650l

BMW X5 45e

  • Top Speed: 127mph
  • 0-62mph: 5.6 seconds
  • WLTP Combined MPG: 188.3-235.4
  • Engine Power: 400hp
  • Engine Torque: 450 Nm
  • Luggage Capacity: 500l

Which version is for you?

This all depends on many factors, for example. Are you a company car driver? If you are, then the Plugin-Hybrid (PHEV) might be kinder on your Benefit in Kind tax. The hybrid version also allows you to travel around 45 miles on pure electric, so your daily commute might be covered.

If you can’t justify the price difference between the Hybrid against a traditional engine, then you’ve got the choice of the X5 40i or the X5 30d, this is again down to personal preference and the mileage you do on a daily basis. There is a 10 miles difference between the MPG on the Petrol vs. Diesel front.

Performance-wise, the Petrol is quicker and the engine is super slick. It sounds lovely inside the cabin as well. The diesel has plenty of torque but is slower to 62mph.

BMW X5 Short-Term

We’ve got the BMW X5 available on fixed and flexible options, so again your personal circumstances will come into choosing what works for you. The majority of our customers like to take these on 12 month car leases, but we do offer the X5 on a flexible Car Subscription also.

Flexible BMW X5 Car Subscription

The Car Subscription aka Flexible Car Rental is a great option for those who don’t quite know how long they need a car for, take for 90 days to get the best price and run the vehicle until you want to swap it, here are a few pro’s and con’s:

Car Subscription Pro’s

  • Free Delivery in England and Wales when you take for 90 days plus
  • Generous Mileage Allowance
  • Available to New Start-up Businesses
  • Maintenance Included with Tyre Provision (Terms Apply)
  • Vehicles can be kept up to 12 months without swapping
  • Manufacturers Warranty Included
  • Road Tax for the duration of the contract
  • 5 working days notice to return or change your vehicle
  • Generally in-stock with quick turnaround

Car Subscription Con’s

  • Collectionis chargable, although you can return for free or swapping for another vehicle.
  • Documentation Fee charged
  • Generally more expensive than fixed contract.
  • 90 day minimum to get the best rate

BMW X5 Short-Term Car Lease

At the moment, the BMW X5 is available on a 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12 month fixed contract. This changes based on stock levels and availability, please see the Pro’s and Con’s of a short-term car lease:

Short-Term Car Lease Pro’s

  • Generally cheaper than Car Subscription / Flexi
  • Free Delivery in England and Wales
  • Great Mileage Allowances
  • Manufacturers Warranty Included
  • Routine Maintenance and Tyres for the duration of the contract (Terms Apply)
  • Road Tax for the duration of the contract
  • Available to New Start Businesses

Short-Term Car Lease Con’s

  • Cannot be extended or reduced without penalties
  • Documentation Fee
  • Collection is chargeable unless you’re swapping for a new Cocoon car
  • Not a flexible contract

BMW X5 Long Term Lease

If you’re in the market for a long-term car lease, then try our Find a Car Lease service. We compare deals from no less than 12 different funders, as well as manufacturer-based funders such as Alphabet, to help find you the best deal on your BMW X5.

More Information

If you would like any further information on the products and services that we offer, please use the ENQUIRY FORM below or call the team on 01332 290173. You can also see our latest BMW X5 offers here: Short-Term BMW X5

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