Defenders of the Earth

February 8, 2021

Land Rover Defender Short-Term

The latest Land Rover Defender is an amazing piece of kit, built on the Land Rover heritage from all those years ago, whilst bringing it right bang up to date, with the latest technology and kit.

And now we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got these available on some of our short-term programs including Flexi-rental and Car Subscription.

Exterior Design

The new Land Rover Defender retains the traditional looks whilst bringing in subtle curves and not flat paneled like before. We wouldn’t recommend a lump hammer and a piece of wood to knock out any dints, like the old days.

The ruggedness of the car will be appealing to the offroad geeks of the world, spare wheel on the back door and LED lights that emulate the original.

Interior Design

Internally the Defender has really been brought into the 21st century, yet retaining the traditional clunckiness of the original Land Rover.

Buttons and dials feel very clunky, much like the Land Rover Discovery, yet very well built and with the on-board technology adding to the overall package.

New gadgets include the introduction of Apple CarPlay, Land Rover’s Connected Navigation and a Meridian Sound System.

Car Subscriptions

A limited number of Land Rover Defenders will be available on our Car Subscription Service from Cocoon Vehicles. However, minimum terms of 3 months maybe applicable. Please contact us for more details.

Flexi-rent Program

If you don’t mind taking a new Land Rover Defender on a flexible program of 90 days or more, then we’ve got some fantastic deals available on a range of deriviatives and engines, including the D240 Diesel engine.

Click the button below for more information

Long-Term Contract Hire

If you’re in the market for a new Land Rover on a 2/3 or 4 year contract, why not try our Find a Car Lease program. We’ve got no less than 12 different funders as well as the manufacturer backed schemes, this enables us to search the market for the best deal.

On top of this and utilising our connections to manufacturers, we can also find vehicles available in-stock for super quick delivery. Click the highlighted link for details.

More Information

If you would like more information about any of the Land Rover Defenders we will be having on short-term, then please contact the team on 01332 290173 or complete the enquiry form below.

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