Energy firms want the power to switch off your EV car

October 29, 2020

Energy Firms want the right to turn off your Electric Car Charger

OFGEM are currently considering introducing powers to allow energy firms the power to turn off the charging of your electric car when the grid is under high demand.

The proposals, set out in a report by the DCUSA explains that “Electricity networks in Great Britain were not designed to accommodate the significant additional demand that certain consumer devices (such as electric vehicle (EV) chargers) presents.”

To relieve any issues, the report suggests “to allow Distributors control of consumer devices (such as Electric Vehicles) connected to Smart Meter infrastructure” – It does state that this would only be done as a last resort or emergency measures.

Clients affected by the switch off would not be entited to any compensation under the proposals set-out and a new type of 3rd generation smart meter would also be required to be rolled out.

Suggestions for EV Users

This isn’t the best news for Electric Car (BEV) users and those with Plugin Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles but there are a number of forums that are suggesting things that could help prevent a switch-off and even provide a cheaper alternative to charging your car with an initial outlay.

One of these ideas is a battery bank at your home or workplace to take energy from the grid at cheaper times of the day for you to use to charge your EV vehicle.

These are available from a number of manufacturers and include the Tesla Powerwall and the Powervault.

Electric Vehicle Supply

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