Happy 14th Birthday Cocoon

February 22, 2021

Cocoon Vehicles turns 14 years old

On the 19th February 2007, we were sat down in an accountant’s office in Long Eaton, registering Cocoon Vehicles as a Limited Company. It was a big moment for us and at that point, we didn’t know what the future held.

Before incorporation

Before we were incorporated, we had been running the business as a sole trader business from a spare room. Doing the odd vehicle in our spare time and working in-between full-time roles.

With redundancy on the cards with our current employers, we had to make the move and make Cocoon work, so in 2008 we invested our own money to open our prestigious offices on Victoria Way, Pride Park, Derby.

Our initial business plan was based around being a contract hire & leasing broker, however, this soon changed due to issues outside of our control.

Credit Crunch

The credit crunch hit the whole industry in 2009 and we found that even the highest credit rating companies could no longer get credit through some of the larger lenders, especially those backed by the hardest hit banks.

We were thrown a lifeline by one of the funders who gave us a credit line to go and purchase some cars. Our short-term fleet was born and comprised of 5x Audi A3’s and 2x VW Sciroccos.

Short-Term Car Leases

Our main area of the business is short-term car leases and car subscriptions services, with the majority of our fleet being out on fixed 6-12 month contracts.

Short-term programs are great for all types of businesses and individuals, either as a stop gap vehicle or new start employee.

In the current Covid-19 times, short-term contracts have been especially popular due to the flexibility of being able to either expand or reduce fleets with ease.

Family Owned

As the business grew over the years, staff members either changed or retired, with one of the original directors Paul Stone retiring in January 2018.

This led the way for Rebecca Adams (Rhys’ wife) to purchase the shares and for the company to be completely family-owned.

The ethos behind the company isn’t to be the biggest, but to offer the best possible customer service and vehicles.

The Future

The future here at Cocoon Vehicles is extremely exciting, our Find a Car Lease service is proving extremely popular and the short-term fleet is growing nicely, which is great news under the circumstances.

With the ban of fossil fuelled vehicles on the horizon, Cocoon Vehicles is already supplying a great and growing range of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles to both individuals and businesses, utilising both short-term and long-term contracts, to make the transition to alternative fuelled vehicles.

More Information

If you would like more information on Cocoon Vehicles, have a look at our About page by clicking the link. Or contact the team on 01332 290173, You can also complete the ENQUIRY FORM below.

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