Integrate Alexa into your car

July 12, 2023

Not every car has Amazon Alexa Integration, but for a few hard earned pennies, you can add the Amazon Echo Auto to most cars to give you the fantastic home assistant in your vehicle. It easily connects to the Alexa App on your smartphone and will use your data plan with your provider for its connection to the internet.

Amazon Alexa Echo Auto 2nd Generation mounted on a car dashboard

What can you do with it?

You can effectively do anything with this Echo device as you would with the ones at home, so lets dig into the features:

Stream Music

Connect your Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music accounts in the Alexa app and then ask Alexa to play your favourite music. Whether you want to sing along to Ed Sheeran on your daily commute or one of the old Top Gear albums for your holiday trips, you’ll have access to a huge library depending on the service you use.

Stream Radio

We’ve already touched on streaming Radio apps via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto recently, but by adding the Amazon Echo Auto to your car you can listen to the wide range of BBC Radio stations via the BBC Sounds skill or take all the positivity from Chris Evans when he presents his Virgin Radio breakfast show. Easily done via this amazing device.

Make Calls or Send Texts

Summon Alexa to keep in touch with your loved ones by asking it to make a call or replying to text messages. You can also drop-in to your Alexa enabled devices at home to let them know you are running late or broadcast a message to get the kids to tidy their rooms before you get home.

Listen to Books or Podcasts

Listen to your favourite podcasts by asking Alexa to “Play latest Desert Island Discs Podcast” or “Play the Chris Moyles Podcast.” You can also use your audible account to listen to a wide range of books. Whether you want to listen to the latest thriller or listen to an autobiography, it is possible with Echo Auto.

Control Smart Devices

Just like at home, this Alexa device also allows you to control smart devices in your home. So if you’ve got a smart thermostat like Nest or Hive at home, you can ask Alexa to turn the temperature up ready for when you get home. If it’s night and you have smart lights, just ask nicely to put the hallway light on so you don’t arrive in complete darkness.

More Entertainment

Echo devices do not just stop at the above, you can play games, ask for the joke of the day or even listen to random animal noises. Whatever your home Alexa device can do, this can.

Where does it mount?

The Echo Auto device comes with self-adhesive pads so you can place it on your centre console or on your dash. You can also opt for the air vent mount if your car is compatible. If you are using the sticky pads, it cannot be mounted on soft plastic, leather or fabric.

How does it connect?

The device easily plugs into your USB port in the car, then revert to the Amazon Alexa app for further instructions. The device connects to your vehciles bluetooth system or Aux-in port, you are then free to use.

Is it compatible with my car?

The Amazon Echo Auto isn’t compatible with all cars, but they do supply a handy compatibility page to help you before purchasing the device. Just click the following link: Amazon Echo Auto Car Compatibility

Buy Today!

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