Is Waze worth using? New important feature added to Apple CarPlay version.

March 8, 2024

Is Waze worth using? New important feature added to Apple CarPlay version.

We’ve already discussed the best navigation apps for Apple CarPlay and at the time Waze was mentioned, yet we did prefer using Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Waze has recently been under pressure to sort out bugs and listen to user feedback, after all they are a community supported navigational app, so it should be priority to listen to user requests.

Over the last few months the developers behind Waze has been busy pushing out updates and new features to the app, so let’s take a look.

Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist

Regular users of Waze will know that the app can estimate ho long you’ll be sat in a traffic jam, on the display a traffic jam bar appears on the left-hand side of the screen with a time. At all times it receives live updates as the road conditions change and you move closer to the end of the traffic jam.

Waze is now introducing this on the Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto) displays with a small notification in the corner of the screen showing you an estimate of how long you may have to wait.

Speed Bump Alerts

If you regularly drive around London, you will realise how many speed bumps there are around and some do take you by surprise.

Waze has recently introduced a speed bump alert, this is closely related to the route you have chosen and can be pinpointed on the journey timeline. It is a super helpful feature.

Sharp Bend Warnings

As we’re based in Derbyshire, the roads twist and turn when you start heading into the Peak District, especially if you are going for the single track lanes.

Waze has introduced Sharp Bend Warnings (Sharp Curve Warnings) to their app. As we all know, some bends can take us unaware and it is important to approach these at a sensible speeds.

Its a great new feature especially when traveling on unfamilar roads.

New Map Colours

And finally… Waze has introduced new map colours on both the app and Apple CarPlay screens, mainly focusing on the dark mode and making things easier to see.

We find the display much easier to use than the dark mode on Google Maps, which too be honest, needs a refresh.

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