New features for Apple CarPlay in iOS 17

October 4, 2023

Screenshotof Apple Maps in iOS 17

On the 18th September 2023, Apple released the latest update to their iPhone operating service, this time we saw the introduction of iOS 17. Within the software release came a handful of features added for those that use Apple CarPlay, today we take a look at what has been added and/or changed.

EV Charging Stations

If you drive an electric car, Apple Maps wasn’t overly clever add including EV charging stops on your journey, unlike Google Maps. In iOS17 the Apple Maps app will provide real-time information with regards to the location, availability, charging speed and cost of a charging point.

Whilst this doesn’t work 100% in the UK, Apple is currently working with partners to bring in this information to the app.

If you are driving a Tesla, the good news is that these have already been integrated into the Apple Maps app.

Shareplay on Apple Music App

If you get grief from your passengers about your choice of music, then Shareplay is something you will want to adopt. It allows everyone in the car can contribute to the Apple Music Playlist.

There are a few hoops though, first you need the car owner to subscribe to Apple Music, they then need to initiate the SharePlay session from Apple CarPlay.

Other people in the car can then choose the music they want to play. Each person who wants to contribute must scan the QR code generated by the car owner to allow them access to the playlist.

The positives is that only the car owner needs the Apple Music subscription, those contributing their favourite Abba or Eminem songs, do not need to have a subscription.

Message Updates

Apple has updated the message app on iOS 17 and the new layout allows you to quickly reply and re-read a message, without needing to move your head away from the screen.

When dictating a message, the symbols on the screen the REPLY, etc are much larger so you can click SEND very quickly.


We all like a change of scenery and in iOS 17 there are a number of new Wallpaper options. Although it is still not possible to use your own photos as wallpaper.

Download Maps for Offline Use

We will be providing another article with regards to how to download maps on the Apple Maps app in the future, but this is an amazing feature that means you don’t need to revert to Google Maps.

Literally drop a pin in the area you want to download, click DOWNLOAD and zoom to the area you want to have access to offline maps. Just be careful as the areas can run into Gigabytes of storage, so make sure you have plenty of space (and data if you are on a restricted plan).

See Article: How to Download Maps to Apple Maps App

Next generation Apple CarPlay

At WWDC 2022, Apple demonstrated the next-generation of Apple CarPlay. It will offer deeper integration into future vehicles with a number of manufacturers already promising to include the updates.

Apple CarPlay will be available on multiple screens (as already available on select BMW’s and Polestars) but will also allow integration with the speedometer, odometer and gauges for fuel and temperature.

The car’s climate control will also be accessible in the screens allowing you to adjust temperatures through the CarPlay interface.

More Information

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