September Plate Changes

August 23, 2021


1st September is always a busy time for the motor trade and whilst it’s the birth of the 71 plate, there are other changes happening on the number plate front (and rear).

At the start of September, drivers are to see new style number plates introduced replacing BS145d that is the current standard used and in current circulation.

Their replacement: BS145e is set to be made from a more durable, sturdier and resilient material and will make it easier for Police Forces to “Scan” your plates using ANPR.

With the new standards being introduced this September, two-tone number plates will not be allowed with only solid black digits being acceptable.

All plates must show the suppliers name and postcode on the bottom centre of the car registration plates.

Green Number Plates

From the 16th June 2020, vehicles that are fully electric (BEV) have been allowed to display a new style number plate with a green flash down the left-hand side.

This was introduced to raise the awareness of Electric Vehicles on UK roads. The aim is to encourage local authorities to introduce incentives such as lower parking charges, electric car lanes and potentially higher speed limits on motorways.

September Cars

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