Sneaky look at the Porsche Macan EV interior

December 15, 2023

Porsche Macan EV Interior

The initial glimpse into the interior of the upcoming Porsche Macan EV has been unveiled, showcasing a cutting-edge design reminiscent of the recently introduced Panamera and Cayenne. Anticipated to be fully revealed next year, this midsize all-electric SUV is set to become Porsche’s second electric model, following the introduction of the Taycan saloon and shooting brake estate.

Black and White Porsche LogoAt the heart of the yet-to-be-named electric Macan’s interior design philosophy are distinctive driver-centric elements that align with Porsche’s signature style. This includes a driver-oriented display with the highest point on the dashboard consistently serving as the center for the driver’s display, along with the optional central stopwatch available through the Sport Chrono package.

The focal point of the interior is a prominent 12.3-inch touchscreen featuring a new Porsche interface. This interface boasts enhanced integration of electric drive functionalities, including intelligent routing within the navigation system and real-time updates on public fast-charging network information. Positioned behind the familiar steering wheel is a curved instrument cluster, offering full configurability to display a range of information, from widescreen mapping to traditional dials. Apple CarPlay integration is to feature in a very heavy way within this new model.

Adjacent to the touchscreen, an optional passenger display is discreetly placed, following the Porsche tradition of keeping it out of the driver’s view while the vehicle is in motion. Both displays seamlessly integrate into a sleek black bar spanning the dashboard, housing the drive select toggle. Notably, the Macan EV introduces an expanded use of interior ambient lighting, a departure from Porsche’s traditionally understated approach in comparison to competitors like Audi and Mercedes.

The centre console mirrors the air-conditioning control panel seen in the recently unveiled Cayenne and Panamera. With no mechanical components between the seats, the Macan features a floating bridge design, providing additional storage space underneath.

Media sources have reported that the performance of the prototype cars in particular the base mode and the top of the range Macan Turbo was impressive. With the driving position being one of the stand out features along with excellent adjustments to the seat and impressive visbility for an SUV.

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